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Living in common sense

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike Byrd on April 14, 2010

In his book of interpretive essays on anthropology, Local Knowledge (the inspiration for this blog), Clifford Geertz writes:

To live in the suburbs called physics, or Islam, or law, or music, or socialism, on must meet certain particular requirements and the houses are not all of the same imposingness. To live in the semi-suburb called common sense, where all the houses are sans façon [without fuss], one need only be as the old phrase has it, sound of mind and practical of conscience, however those worthy virtues be defined in the particular city of thought and language whose citizen one is.

The latter communities are those I intend to peruse, with appeals to the practical issues that impinge upon and affect the local knowledge imbued here. I’ve done this elsewhere; this time in a different key.

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